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Fertil innovation

It nakes up leaves
on bonders and paths

It restrores your lawn's
streght as it scarifies it:
- It aerates your lawn,
- It takes off leaves and
noses, and removes weeds.

It picks up grass

It picks up dead teaves
and fragments on lawns
and paths.

It prepare the
soil before

It nakes and brings
the gravel to the
same level, without
having to remove
part of it.

- Its teeth always keep in contact with any kind of soil.
- Their spring effects ensures a perfect raking.

- It is casted in one peace and will never lose its shape,
- Its teeth are fixed and made of highty resistant steel.
- Its structure of nylon and fiberglass gives to it
anexcellent flexibility and a great robustness.

- Width: 45 cm.
- Its rectangular shape makes the job along borders and gutters easier.

- Its long handle makes it higly confortable to use since you don't need to bend down.

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